volunteergroupWe welcome all who who would like to volunteer! Generally, when you sign up to volunteer, we try to find a position that will work best to fill a need and put any special skills you have to good use – and we have a lot of different positions available!


  • Organizing and Sorting

    When the Mission Warehouse gets a shipment of supplies from our health care partners, they don’t come in any particular arrangement. Many volunteers are needed to help sort through the thousands of items that we receive when shipments come in. The warehouse features lots of storage space, and making sure that everything is accounted for, labeled appropriately and stored in the right area is crucial to the success of the mission. Everything from clothing, to beds and even scalpels have designated homes in our warehouse, and people of all physical ability levels will find that they are usually able to help with some aspect of this work.

  • Packing

    Getting shipments ready to go is one of the most exciting phases of the delivery process! This task is all about filling the cargo container that we’re about to ship with supplies. We start with the big stuff at the bottom and work our way up to the small items. Volunteers to help with packing have to make sure that the shipments contain the items necessary for the recipients, and that everything is packed snugly into the container for its long journey.

  • Translation

    There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that helps make the Mission Warehouse a success. Because we serve a global community, planning our shipments can be difficult. Having a translator on hand can be invaluable. Since we do ship all over the globe, having a multilingual base of support can come in extremely handy. We welcome volunteers who speak all languages.

  • Marketing

    While we like to think that people are aware of the Mission Warehouse and what it does, we know that there a lot of ways to reach more people. Our marketing volunteers are in charge of taking the photos, doing the social sharing and dreaming up new ways to get other people involved in our Mission. Our marketing team works the basics of online marketing to make sure that it stays current and that we’re reaching as many people as we possibly can.

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