Our mission, at its core, is to gather supplies and ship them where they’re needed most. This requires the support of four distinct groups:


Working with local medical providers like St. Luke’s Health Center and Children’s Mercy hospital, we gather unused medical supplies and equipment that would otherwise go to waste. For example, when a hospital bed is being replaced, instead of throwing out the old bed as waste, we collect the bed and bring it back to our warehouse. We store the equipment until we find a community needing an entire shipment of supplies, then we fill a shipping container with supplies and equipment and ship it to the community – anywhere in the world.

Valor Christian High School sophomores and volunteers, left to right, Emerson Drent, Paige Kula, and Ashtyn Huppert load a pallet with medical supplies bound for Sierra Leone to combat Ebola, inside the warehouse of Project C.U.R.E., in Centennial, Colo., Tuesday Sept. 9, 2014. The Colorado-based charity that provides donated medical equipment to developing countries is shipping $400,000 worth of supplies to West Africa to help stop the spread of the Ebola virus. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)


Our team of volunteers are the oil that keeps the machinery of good, working smoothly. We rely on volunteers to help us sort and pack incoming donations and outgoing shipments, and they are the heart and soul of our organization, serving as ambassadors to the community. Through the Mission, volunteers do good on a global scale while bringing the community together around a positive mission. The diverse skills of each individual are needed to make our mission a success.


Contributions to the Mission Warehouse make our mission of delivering medical and other supplies around the world possible. Donors enable us to expand our facilities, improve our outreach efforts, and, most importantly, ship supplies around the world. Shipping is expensive, and donors are the people that recognize the good that our organization does globally and choose to provide the financing that keeps it going. Without these financial backers, our mission would not be possible.


Our partner organizations are key to our success and include groups like local churches and faith organizations, schools and other non-profits similar to ours around the country. These partners connect us with new volunteers, donors, suppliers and help us get supplies around the world. We contribute supplies to some of our partners to complete shipments that they are making or planning, and vice versa. Growing partnerships are key to the successful fulfillment of our mission.

The Mission is at its most effective when we have strong support in all four of these areas.

To learn more about supporting our mission, please visit the How to Help section. We have opportunities available for all individuals and organizations, including specialized volunteer positions.