franciscan mission warehouse

Organizations that would like to make a donation of equipment, supplies and other materials are welcome to contact us. The core of our mission requires the donation of medical supplies and equipment, and we welcome all donations of working, properly sanitized equipment. We make arrangements to receive fresh supplies on a regular basis with our donors. There is currently no cost to donors for us to pick up donations in the Kansas City metro and nearby areas.

All donations are welcome, however some are more urgently needed than others at this moment. Right now, our specific needs for donations include:

  • Medical Supplies

    • Hospital Beds
    • IV Poles
    • Exam Tables
    • Incubators
    • etc.

  • School Supplies

    • School Chairs & Desks
    • Pencil, Pens, Paper
    • Chalk Boards, etc.

  • Tools & Equipment

    • Garden Tools
      • Hoes
      • Shovels
      • Rakes
      • Garden Tillers, etc.
    • Farm Tools
      • Saws
      • Drills
      • Vise
      • Hammers
      • Pliers
      • Nails, Screws, etc.
    • Larger Equipment
      • Tractors, Lawn Mowers
      • Plows, Discs, Cultivators
      • Planters
      • Trucks, Pickups, Vans, etc.

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There are no specific needs at this time.

Delivery to Warehouse

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For donations of large quantities of materials, we ask that arrangements be made in advance. Small donations may be dropped off at our warehouse, but please contact us beforehand to ensure staff availability.

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Let us know what you are donating and how we can get in touch with you. We will contact you to make arrangements shortly. Thank you!