Dear Sister Andrea and Warehouse personnel and volunteers,

Thank you for the good work that you do. We are praying for you!

Dantouma and the Rotary Club and ADRIM members began to distribute the medical supplies after the election in mid-August. At the end of August 30th there was a flash flood that hit Bamako and places along the Niger river. They distributed clothing, hospital sheets and other supplies right after the floods. These photos are of the second distribution of supplies.

Mali has had an unusual amount of rain. This is the time when crops should begin to be harvested. However, farmers have to wait. This means probably means a smaller harvest for this year.

Take care.


Jenifer (US contact for Mali)

This morning we were in a school in the neighborhood of Banconi to distribute the supplies to people who were displaced by the serious flood. Their houses have fallen and there are a lot of deaths and loss of possessions. We have given items to the flood victims ( sheets, plates, toys and medical supplies ). Last week we had a distribution in neighborhoods 4 and 2 in Bamako, the victims and the authorities are very happy — they thank everyone involved who have participated in the donation of the medical supplies.

Thanks to everyone!

Dantouma Koita

The pictures below show the distribution of some of the clothing and linens that were sent in the container to Mali. Once again, Our God is showing us His plan. We had hoped to send the container in November but because of government unrest it was delayed until May. If our plans had worked, there would not have been clothing still available when the Niger River flooded in September and the people were in greater need.