Franciscan Mission Warehouse expresses God’s love by collecting surplus equipment and supplies from US medical facilities and making them available to set up and support hospitals and clinics in the poorest parts of the world. A single drop of water does not make a river but joined with other drops it can begin to form a flowing stream of life giving water. Our shipments help provide the waters of health and education to those who are thirsting and struggling to preserve life around the world.

The Warehouse mission serves as a conduit to channel the generosity of US medical facilities, financial supporters, and volunteers to areas of the world where there is little or no advocacy or resources to provide decent medical treatment. 
With your help, millions of people will received improved medical treatment for years to come.

Hospitals in developing countries may not look like ours but the people there deserve respectful medical treatment, 
just as we do.

We just completed the second of two containers for a hospital in Tarija, Bolivia.  We will now begin the process all over again for 4 shipments to Kenya, and 2 to Tanzania.

The Franciscan Mission Warehouse exists to bring resources and lifesaving medical supplies to the places in the world where they are most needed. Our mission is to care for those who cannot care for themselves and to deliver hope to families and communities that need it most. We help medical facilities, schools and families around the world thanks to the support of our community, our volunteers and divine grace. We are a part of the vast community of support that spreads goodwill and well-being across the world.